Create Demand For Your Services

Want to learn how to sell yourself without selling your soul? 

Create Demand For Your Services

Are you ready to receive the get started right away version of what my company has taught over 12,000 experts all over the world? The essentials of the same system I teach in my book, The Snowball System?

If yes, you’re in the right place!

By signing up, you’ll get an 8-part series on creating demand. It’s perfect for anyone that has learned an expertise and now needs to learn the skill of finding people to buy it. This course will teach you the behavioral science behind why people say Yes, and how to design an enjoyable buy-in process for your clients and prospects—one that you can proud to implement. It’s strategic, generous and immediately applicable.

Here are the key components you’ll learn:

Managing your opportunities

Managing your relationships

(and the most important…) Managing yourself

This course is perfect for anyone in one of three groups:

Anyone in professional services

Anyone in an account management

Anyone looking to start or grow their own business

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